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El Paredon Guatemala

Mangrove Tour by Boat 1.5 Hours

Mangrove Tour by Boat 1.5 Hours

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Come and discover the wonderful nature of Guatemala with our exciting boat tour through the mangroves of the Sipacate-Naranjo National Park! This tour is perfect for nature lovers and those looking for an unforgettable experience.

Our tour begins in El Paredón, a picturesque fishing village on the shores of the Pacific, near the Sipacate-Naranjo National Park. During the two-hour tour, you will navigate through the park's rich and beautiful mangroves, while our local guide shares interesting facts about the local biodiversity and history of the area.

The price of the tour is Q350, which includes the boat for a group of 2 to 7 people. If your group is larger, no problem, for a small additional cost of Q50 per person, we can accommodate more participants on the boat.

Throughout the tour, you will have the opportunity to see a variety of fascinating animals in their natural habitat, such as herons, pelicans, seagulls, sea turtles, and iguanas. In addition, you will learn about the importance of mangroves for the local and global ecosystem.

Remember to bring sunscreen, comfortable clothing, plenty of water, and your camera to capture the unique beauty of the place. We are waiting for you to live this incredible experience, learning more about the rich biodiversity of Guatemala!

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El Paredón Guatemala

El Paredón, Guatemala: A Natural and Tranquil Paradise

El Paredón, a natural paradise located in Sipacate, Escuintla, is a place with a special energy that combines very well with the attitude of its people to get ahead. This quiet refuge, with no more than 300 houses, is a sanctuary for surfers and an ideal destination for those looking for a quiet place, without the hustle and bustle. In addition, El Paredón has a river that flows into the sea, a freshwater pool, a natural turtle hatchery, and a mangrove swamp that is home to an endless number of animal species.

El Paredón Guatemala

International Volunteering: Community Development in El Paredón

El Paredón is also a place with many needs, but it has a great ally: the volunteer work of hundreds of foreigners. These volunteers work together with the community to develop the town and provide equal opportunities to all its inhabitants. Initiatives of friends from the United Kingdom, the United States and other European countries have established themselves in El Paredón to educate the children and adults of the village, train them in business administration and entrepreneurship, as well as provide employment and development opportunities.

El Paredon Guatemala

Promoting Education and Sustainable Tourism in El Paredón

In this context, El Paredon joins these efforts and actively supports tourism programs in the community. A percentage of our profits goes towards the training and development of local tour guides, including training in additional languages ​​such as English and French. In addition, we are committed to supporting the local community of El Paredón, reinvesting part of our income in community development projects. By supporting our tourism programs, you are not only experiencing the best of El Paredón, but you are also contributing to the sustainable development of the community. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey.