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What water activities can I do in El Paredón?

In El Paredón you can enjoy a variety of water activities. We offer kayak rentals so you can explore the calm waters on your own. We also offer exciting jet boat trips and parasailing for those looking for an adrenaline rush.

Can I ride a horse on the beach in El Paredón?

Yes, horseback riding on the beach is one of the most popular activities in El Paredón. It is a wonderful way to explore the beautiful coastline and enjoy the sunset.

Are there motorcycle tours available in El Paredon?

Yes, we offer motorcycle tours for those who want to explore El Paredón and its surroundings in an exciting and unique way.

Where can I see the sunset in El Paredón?

The mangroves of El Paredón are a perfect place to enjoy a romantic sunset. The sight of the sun setting over the mangroves is truly impressive.

What other activities can I do in El Paredón?

In addition to water activities and tours, you can enjoy local cuisine, visit the turtle hatchery, or simply relax on the beach.

Can I learn to surf in El Paredón?

Yes, El Paredón is known for its excellent surfing conditions. There are several surf schools in the area that offer lessons for beginners and more advanced surfers.

Are there activities for children at El Paredon?

Yes, many of our activities are suitable for children. Boat trips and kayak rentals are popular with families. In addition, children often enjoy visiting the turtle.